AA Writing Prize Nominees 2014

AA Writing Prize Nominees 2014 For Outstanding Writing for Intermediate Students


Francesco Catemario di Quadri
2084, The Fear of Totalitarian Resurrection

2084 is not a due date. 2084 is merely an extension of our succumbing to an Orwellian capital.

Ines Tazi
Collision of the Informal and Formal Architectures

We are all engineers, we are all architects. If we have a basic structure or land, we just start to build.


Buster Rönngren
Now Motor, New Meter

A man feels the world with his work like a glove.

Nicholas Zembashi
Ambiguous Hence Amoral: Can Architects Escape Ethical Constructs by Lying Outside of Convention or Moral Architects Escape by Lying

A myth … architecture is a world unto itself, and in this separation operates under its own moral laws … Architects trick themselves into believing in a parallel universe … where morality is associated not with other people but with the rectitude of architecture as the rigorous discipline of fine, godly detailing and strict aesthetics. Only in such a parallel universe, presided over by the gods of architecture, could one believe that there is an ethical project that is carried out precisely in the work.

Honesty, integrity and competency, concern the foundations of professional conduct. All members are required to comply.

Sandra Karolina Kolacz
The Architectural Moment and Notes Towards User-Object Objectivity

“Yeah,” said Zaphod, stepping into it,
“what else do you do besides talk?”
“I go up,” said the elevator, “or down.”
“Good,” said Zaphod, “We’re going up.”
“Or down,” the elevator reminded him.
“Yeah, OK, up please.” There was a moment of silence..



India Jacobs
{ISE} A Micropedia of Life, Death, Decay, Thought Experiments, Time Travel & the Concept of Free Wifi

When I hear about Schrodinger’s Cat, I reach for my gun.

Rory Sherlock
La Grande Bellezza
Roma Aeterna

It is all settled beneath the chattering and the noise. Silence and sentiment. Emotion and fear. The haggard, inconstant splashes of beauty. And then the wretched squalor of humanity.

Stefan Jovanović
Community + Culture = Politics + Performance
A Psycho-Situationist Collective’s Manifesto

We can reach every point in the world but, more importantly, we can be
reached from any point in the world.