AA Writing Prize Nominees 2015

AA Writing Prize Nominees 2015 For Outstanding Writing for Intermediate Students


Alix Biehler
Between the Sink and the Stove: The Evolution of the Kitchen as a Social and Domestic Space

The kitchen becomes the symbol of the homeowner’s status and identity

Sofia Belenky

Did you know that Afghanistan is just a short 20 minute drive from Fort Irwin (California)?


Adolfo del Valle
Condition: Berlin

It bore its mission as its name and was Berlin’s first organized institution that called and commissioned for a Berlin Skyscraper.

Antonin Hautefort
Sacred is light !

The sacred spaces of Ancient Egypt, presented as Temples of gods, appear to have set up the spatial definition of the sacred space for both polytheistic and monotheisitic religions.


Anton Gorlenko
Body Squared: Notes on the Inevitability of Elegiac Architecture

The realisation of one’s vulnerable smallness in comparison to the scale of the city is reflected in the poem by transitions between the small and giant, between one’s body, limb, eye and the landscape./

Nicholas Zembashi
Inhabiting the Image of Terror

terror: the construction of fear […] reality: a state necessitating the invention of construction.