AA Writing Prize Nominees 2020


Daphne Esin

Stone, Stage, and City: Cobblestones and Facades in Renaissance Paris.

John Hadaway

Sorted? Searched? Delivered? Labroustre’s Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve.

Peder Sveen

The Introduction of Linear Perspective in Quattrocento Florence.

Qi Zhu

In the Radiance of Fire Pearl – Rebirth via Ming Tang.


Sheer Gritzerstein 

Hagnash – Feb-16: Sprawling Frontiers and Band-Aid Solutions

Sari King

The Innocent Consumer

Ferial Massoud

Colonial Synchronicity: A time based-reading of Algeria under occupation

Vang Anh (Ania) Tran

The stone, the ground, and the moon


Gaetano Drago 

Mafia & Associates, Construction Company 

Sharifah Sonia Binti Syed Mokhtar Shah

Concealing the Fifth WallConversing ceilings, sealing conversations 

Kelly Van Homrigh

The High Street Model

Tzu-shuo Wu 

Dualities in the Education Factory, An analysis of domestic typologies in Maotanchang Town  & A pedagogical dialectic from infrastructural coercion to re-appropriations