AA Writing Prize Winners 2015

AA Writing Prize Winners 2015 For Outstanding Writing for Intermediate Students



Simonpietro Salini Novitatem meam Contemnvnt Ego Illor Vm Ignaviam: They Despise my Novelty I Their Timidity

In 1756, exactly 10 years ago, “after eigth years of careful study […] and countless hours spent drawing and engraving 250 plates for the Antichita’ Romane” James Caulfield, Earl of Char-lemont, the same character who had before expressed his desire to be patron of my work and commissioned a dedication to be printed in the frontispiece of the first volume, had abandoned his promise in the middle of the production.



Olukoye Akinkugbe The Inescapable Bias of Representation

[…] under the gaze of an omniscient figurehead, whose taste in facial hair would forever render unfashionable what was once considered a pretty sporting moustache […]




Wong Jane
The Burning House

In the first instance, the table cloth doesn’t catch fire. Alexander strikes another match. This time the cloth is set alight.