Dennis Sharp Prize 2017 Nominees

Alison Cheng
Die Maschine, dies: Calculating the limits of free will

Bodo Neuss
Joseph Gandy’s English Winds

Fang Lee
Beyond Caricature: Heartlands of Singapore

Jacek Rewinski
Slice of Life

Nicholas Zembashi
The Telescape: Footage as Form, Screen as Format

Rory Sherlock
Multimedia Oblivion – Palmyra

Sandra Kolacz
The Fourth Republic: Fabricating Success in the Planned City of Nowa Huta

Stefan Jovanovic
Radical Togetherness

Wenjun Zheng
Hegemony of the Line: 180 years from London Bridge to London Bridge

Xi Yao Chen
The Primitive Hut

Zsuzsa Peter
Ars Demonstrativa: A (mis)user’s manual