Dennis Sharp Prize Nominees 2018

Daisy Adebiyi
Pop Giza: Are the Pyramids Leaving Giza?

Roberto Boettger
Save and Separate: The Conservation of Rio de Janeiro’s Mountains

Jiehui Chen
Fill the Void: Plain and Not-so-Plane White Tees

Sandra Karolina Kolacz
Lines in the Sand

Ioana Man
The Durability of Engineered Prediction: Formulas, recipes, specifications and the rogue checklist

Moad Mosabi
Piracy as Method: West of the Nile and the Fiction of Empty Space

Paolo Emilio Pisano

Emily Priest
Furnitures; or the choreography of the interior

Jacek Rewinski
The Hunt in the Forest Białowieża Primeval Forest – the paradise of illusion

Palita Rompotiyoke
Sanctity Liberated Seeking Safe Haven

Cheuk Ting Jane Wong
Part One: Radure – Clearings

Part Two: land in suspension