Dennis Sharp Prize Nominees 2019

Olukoyejo Olanrewaju Akinkugbe
Freedom and Mobility

Hasan Al-Rashid
Why Not: ‘Why Not?’ – An exercise in Writing

Alix Biehler
Learning from the AA – Excavating Contemporary Visual Broadcasting Media Typologies across the School

Jiehui Chen
A Separation – The Writing out of the Self

Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard
Saturated Land

Erik Hoffmann
The Pervasive Line – The Endeavour of the Canning Stock Route

Joseph Istance
(RE)-Rendering the Render

Alan Robert Lock
Boredom (In) Architecture

Calvin Hin-long Po
Dwellings of the World Unite!

Malgorzata Stanislawek
Searching for Flies