Dennis Sharp Prize Nominees 2020


Nena Aru

A ‘United’ Kingdom in Name Only, On iconification, identity and colonization

Chui Lam Jasmine Chung

Architecture Reduced to Imagery

Gabrielle Eglen

Dracula’s Software and Kittler’s Discourse Media

Renee Die Girbau

Gaming for Food, Not for Fun

Lucy-Sky Moore-Clube

The total eclipse of the private realm

Lilian Pala

Islands of Socialism

Shaeron Santosa

Strangelove for the telephone

Malene Sofie Saetre Riise

A Duty to Exist, Tales of Spaces Forgotten

Moad Musbahi

Anthological Impulses (Diploma Thesis)

Malgorzata Stanislawek

Chiasmic Coal (Diploma Thesis)

Calvin Hin-Long Po

Planning a Town and a Country in a Hundred and Eighty Pages (Diploma Thesis)