Dennis Sharp Prize Nominees 2021


Shared Prize

Garcia-Lascurain, Maite

A Painted Desert in the City

Bernath, Doreen – Dracula’s Software

Neophytos Christou

Battista, Kathy – From Biennial to Bed

Brizzard, Esther

The Home as a Machine

Bottoms, Edward – Form Follows Malfunction

Bryan Ho

Closet Door, Underground Carriage, Pride Barricade

Chai, Susan – Political Currency of the Stereotype

Amy Glover

MacShane, Denis – The Coming Crisis of Britain’s Future

Herdersch, Karl

Moore, Melissa – Trees in London

Vecsei, Paul

Moreno, Joaquim – Learning Again from Television

Aharoni, Tamir

Which Villa Savoy are you Today?

Orr, Will – Necromancing the Stone

Sykes, Theo


Ruivo, Ricardo – Against Abstraction

Shaha Maria Raphael

Beirut, 4th of August 2020

Stoppani, Teresa – Invisibles

Richard Aina

Campbell, Mark & Stavrakakis, Manolis – Diploma Thesis

Yixia Xu

Campbell, Mark & Stavrakakis, Manolis – Diploma Thesis