Dennis Sharp Prize Nominees 2024


Wimolrat Poolsiri

On the Intersectionality of Media Through the Lens of the Glitch

Daphné Esin

The Truth in Photography: Forensic Photography as a Passe-Partout in Crime Scene Narratives

Anastasiia Kalinina

Kunstkamera: Western Enlightenment’s Monstrous Shadows, Or the Curious Anatomy of Russia’s Underdevelopment

Henry Morgan

Innotation: An Addendum to Modern English Punctuation

Julia Barbara Lubner

The Wretched


Ferial Massoud

The Algerian Sahara: Emptiness by Design

Sheer Gritzerstein

Calibrating Sensibility in the (An)Aesthetics of Comfort

Wan Xuan Cheah

Janus Exposed in No Man’s Land. The Duality of Sovereign Protection in the New Villages of Peninsular Malaysia

Leela Keshav

Archival Territories. The Co-Production of Space and Knowledge in Kew’s Archives, from Colonialism to Conservationism

Jihyun Choi

Impacts of Political Timescale on Life and Community Timescale