Dennis Sharp Prize Winner 2015

Dennis Sharp Prize For Outstanding Writing for Diploma Students 2015


Zeina Al Derry
The Melancholic City of Mirages

Baghdad was designed in the eighth century as a work of art in itself… the most splendid in the history of the Arabs.


Lara Yegenoglu
Vernacular Politics: The Gecekondu as an Institutional Apparatus in Istanbul

The uncontrolled, steady flow of peasants resulted in the emergence of an uprooted populace in search of national identity and belongingness

Mahsa Ramezanpour Incarcerating Gender in Captive Spaces

The first veil ever introduces goes back to 1790 BC when the ruler of Babylon implemented the law of female dressing as a Hammurabi Code. This law stated that a veil must be work by aristocratic women but forbade prostitutes from wearing it. Hence this law was to regulate sexual consumerism, through dividing the female population into ‘consumable commodities and inaccessible goods’.