AA Writing Prize Winners 2014

First Year AA Writing Prize 2014

Veronika Janovcová
Swimming Lesson for Free

The seemingly unproblematic espousal of bodily perfection within early 20th century white European culture was put into question by the rise of fascism that culminated in the genocidal policies … and extermination of many already suffering from physical and mental incapacitation or weakness… It has subsequently become difficult to explore, as the bodily perfection appears suspect and malign, having gone so wrong.

Second Year AA Writing Prize 2014

Alexandra Savtchenko Belskaia
Now, the shadow of the column

Poetry is more philosophical and profound than history –Aristotle

Third Year AA Writing Prize 2014

Radu Remus Macovei
(P)RELOCATING the Language of Post-Modern Architecture

When hot dog stands are in the shape of hot dogs, then little work is left to the imagination, and all other metaphors are suppressed.